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cpST team

Hello there! We're the CPST Team and we'll probably be one of the first voices you'll hear, ready to walk beside you on your pathway to feeling and living better. We're here to listen, to find services you need, to get the help you need when you need it. We'll be your direct line to get you the help you need.


Ulonda Matthews, QBHS


Emily Skeriotis, QBHS


Brandi Perry, QBHS

tbs team

Hi!  Our position at Ever Well Community Health is Therapeutic Behavioral Specialist. That means we're here to help you learn how to do things that bring the results you're looking for! We teach techniques as well as help you locate other services in the community you might need. 


Jonathan Carter, QBHS


Cisco Moore, QBHS


Adam Giles, BA, QBHS


Isaiah White, QBHS


Bradley Reeves, QBHS

PSR Team

We are Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialists (PSR) - that's the long version of Case Manager. We work with you to learn how to improve your world - anything from how to better manage your moods, modify your child's behaviors to learning how to budget and get organized - and a whole lot of other things!!! People say we're miracle workers - we just say "this is what we do!!"


Cameron Matthews, QBHS

therapy team

Hello there! We work at Ever Well Community Health as Therapists/ Counselors. We provide support to you

and help you gain insight into the things about your life that have caused road blocks to your success. 


Hannah Miller, LSW


Tiffany Wilson, LSW

comprehensive wellness management team

Our medical team is small but mighty at the moment. Our Nurse Practitioner is the first of a powerful team who will care for the medical needs of our clients.

Melissa Mellinger, CNS

Management team

Our Management Team is second to none! Thanks to Scott, Stacie, Adam, Jonathan, and Ulonda we have a well run ship, headed in the exact right direction.


Stacie Carter, MPA, QBHS

Director of Operations


Scott McCafferty, LPCC-S

Director of Clinical Services


Adam Giles, BA, QBHS

Program Manager/

Community Liaison


Jonathan Carter, QBHS

Program Manager


Ulonda Matthews, QBHS   

Team Lead

executive team

Welcome to Ever Well Community Health. We are the Executive Team of Ever Well Community Health. We are excited you came to visit our web site! If you have any questions, feel free to submit it to us and we'll get back to you ASAP. If you'd like to book an appointment, give us a call today!


Erica Spencer, LPCC-S


Nathan Spencer


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